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The most beautiful college campuses in all 50 states

Alaska university of alaska anchorage surrounded by stunning mountain vistas the university of alaska anchorages campus offers a unique blend of nature and academia

Alabama university of alabama with its iconic redbrick buildings and lush green lawns the university of alabamas campus in tuscaloosa is a classic southern beauty

Arizona university of arizona the university of arizona in tucson features beautiful spanishstyle architecture colorful desert gardens and the grand arizona stadium

Arkansas university of the ozarks nestled in the scenic ozark mountains the university of the ozarks offers a picturesque campus with historic buildings and serene landscapes

California stanford university stanfords sprawling campus in palo alto boasts a mediterraneanstyle architecture palmlined avenues and lush gardens

Colorado university of colorado boulder the university of colorado boulder is set against the backdrop of the rocky mountains providing breathtaking views and a unique blend of natural beauty and academia

Connecticut yale university yales campus in new haven showcases stunning gothic and colonial revival architecture pristine courtyards and the iconic harkness tower

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