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The 8 best dogs for kids and families

Labrador retriever friendly and outgoing labs are known for their sociable and approachable nature making them excellent family companions

Golden retriever affectionate and gentle goldens are loving and patient ideal for families with children due to their sweet temperament

Beagle sociable and adaptable beagles are small to mediumsized dogs with a friendly disposition fitting well into various family dynamics

Bulldog sturdy and dependable bulldogs are robust and reliable making them suitable for families particularly with young children

Collie intelligent and loyal collies are smart and devoted dogs that often form strong bonds with family members including kids

Poodle intelligent and lowshedding poodles come in different sizes and are known for their smarts and hypoallergenic qualities beneficial for families with allergies

Boxer energetic and protective boxers are playful energetic dogs that also exhibit a protective nature offering both fun and security

Shih tzu small and affectionate shih tzus are small cuddly dogs perfect for families in smaller living spaces known for their affectionate temperament