1: Simone Arianne Biles Owens, The extraordinary gymnast, Achieves Olympic gold, Soaring high in vault.

2: Simone, American pride, Her skill, unmatched, nationwide. Inspiring young girls to dream, Boldly leaping, breaking the beam.

3: Biles, a historic feat, First American woman to beat, Vault competition, she triumphs, Pushes boundaries, defies limits.

4: Unmatched athleticism, Simone's strength and precision, Her golden leap amazes, Inspirational through the ages.

5: With grace and boundless skill, Biles takes the vault and fulfills, Her dreams of Olympic glory, Paving the way for a future story.

6: Her legacy forever remains, Simone's triumph breaks the chains, Inspiring generations anew, Vaulting to heights never knew.

7: Simone Arianne Biles Owens, A symbol of strength, she shows, That any dream can come true, Through talent, dedication, and breakthrough.

8: Olympic gold within her reach, Simone's vaulting talents beseech, The world to witness her grace, As history she helps retrace.

9: Let the world applaud and cheer, Simone Biles, a pioneer, The first American woman, so bold, To conquer vault and claim Olympic gold.