Is It Illegal To Keep A Hedgehog As A Pet In California? - Fermentools

Is it illegal to keep a hedgehog as a pet in california

Restricted wild animal hedgehogs are classified as restricted wild animals by the california department of fish and wildlife cdfw

Concerns about wildlife impact california has strict regulations due to concerns about the potential impact of nonnative species like hedgehogs on the local wildlife and ecosystem

Eradication of nonnative species the state is actively working to prevent the establishment of nonnative species that could compete with or harm native wildlife

Preventing disease spread hedgehogs can carry diseases that might be harmful to humans and other animals which is another reason for regulations

Public safety there are also concerns about the safety of hedgehogs as pets both for the animals themselves and for the people who keep them

Animal welfare regulations are in place to ensure the welfare and wellbeing of animals which can be challenging to meet with exotic pets like hedgehogs

Legal consequences keeping a hedgehog as a pet in california without the necessary permit can result in legal consequences including fines and confiscation of the animal

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