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8 easter dinner ideas for the holiday feast

Roast leg of lamb a classic easter dish a succulent leg of lamb seasoned with garlic and rosemary is a favorite serve it with mint sauce or gravy

Honeyglazed ham a beautifully glazed ham with a sweet and savory coating is a popular choice the glaze can be made with honey brown sugar mustard and cloves

Stuffed roast chicken for a smaller gathering consider roasting a whole chicken stuffed with herbs citrus or your favorite stuffing

Vegetarian wellington a vegetarian wellington is a delicious centerpiece made with layers of roasted vegetables mushrooms and cheese wrapped in puff pastry

Salmon with dill sauce salmon fillets with a creamy dill sauce offer a lighter and elegant option for easter dinner it pairs well with asparagus or green beans

Lemon herb roasted chicken roast a whole chicken with a zesty lemon and herb seasoning the citrusy flavor adds a refreshing touch to your meal

Vegetable lasagna a vegetable lasagna layered with spinach mushrooms and a rich bechamel sauce is a comforting and meatless option for easter

Rack of pork a succulent rack of pork with a herb and garlic crust is a delightful alternative to lamb or ham its a flavorful and impressive choice for the occasion