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7 popular garden plants you must prune in november

Roses november is an ideal time to prune roses remove dead or diseased wood and cut back long canes to prevent winter wind damage

Fruit trees many fruit trees such as apple and pear trees benefit from late fall pruning remove dead or crossing branches to encourage strong and productive branches

Lavender trim back lavender in november to tidy up the plant and prevent it from becoming too woody dont cut too close to the base as some growth should be left for protection during the winter

Perennials cut back spent foliage on perennial plants to prepare them for the winter be sure to leave some growth to protect the crown of the plant

Deciduous shrubs trim back deciduous shrubs to remove dead or damaged growth and to shape the plant this can also help prevent snow and ice damage during the winter

Grapes pruning grapevines in november helps with training the plant and controlling its growth remove old unproductive canes and shape the vine for better fruit production

Herbs trim back herbs like sage thyme and oregano in november this helps rejuvenate the plants and allows for new growth in the spring

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