1: 1. Snake Plant: Perfect for low-light environments. Thrives under artificial light. Cleans air by removing toxins. Low-maintenance & enhances indoor aesthetics.

2: 2. ZZ Plant: Ideal for artificial light settings. Tolerates low humidity & neglect. Adds a touch of elegance with glossy leaves. Purifies air by removing pollutants.

3: 3. Pothos: Adaptable to artificial light conditions. Trailing vines offer aesthetic appeal. Thrives well in various room temperatures. Improves indoor air quality.

4: 4. Peace Lily: Flourishes under artificial light sources. Stunning white flowers enhance ambiance. Absorbs harmful toxins from the air. Ideal for offices or bedrooms.

5: 5. Dracaena: Thrives in moderate to low light conditions. Varied leaf patterns captivate attention. Removes common indoor pollutants. Perfect statement plant.

6: 6. Chinese Evergreen: Adapts well to artificial light. Attractive variegated leaves beautify spaces. Known for air-purifying abilities. Requires minimal care and attention.

7: 7. Boston Fern: Suitable for moderate artificial light. Lush, feathery fronds bring vibrancy indoors. Naturally humidifies air, reducing dryness. Classic and elegant choice.

8: 8. Philodendron: Flourishes in bright to moderate artificial light. Heart-shaped leaves exude charm. Filters toxins from the air. Versatile plant for any space.

9: 9. Spider Plant: Thrives under artificial light with minimal care. Cascading foliage complements any setting. Purifies and hydrates indoor air. Popular and resilient choice.