1: Boost Your Hair's Shine with Green Tea Hair Masks Discover two amazing recipes to enhance your hair's radiance.

2: #1 Green Tea & Honey Mask Combine green tea and honey, nourishing your hair strands. Experience ultimate shine and softness.

3: Revitalize with #2 Avocado Mix Blend green tea with avocado, nourish and moisturize your hair. Get salon-like shine right at home.

4: Green Tea + Yogurt Mask Glowing hair starts here! Mix green tea and yogurt, reveal luminous locks with this recipe.

5: Banana & Green Tea Mask Add a twist of banana to green tea, enhance your hair's shine naturally. Experience softness like never before.

6: Strawberry Delight Boost shine the delicious way! Green tea and strawberries blend, leaving your hair glossy and healthy.

7: Cooling Mint Hair Mask Revive hair with green tea and mint. Feel the refreshing sensation, gaining vibrant and shiny strands.

8: Green Tea & Aloe Vera Mask Hydrate and shine in one step! Combine green tea and aloe vera, enjoy lustrous and manageable hair.

9: Final Tips for Best Results Apply masks to clean, damp hair. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly for shiny results. Share your green tea transformations!