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Piggy Lists

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Piggy is always working to save you money. Take our List tool for example. Add items from any stores like Amazon, eBay, Groupon, and others, and we'll notify you as soon as there's a price drop. It's the best price tracker and price history out there.

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Why limit your savings? Add as many items as you want to your Piggy List. Even if they're from different stores. Whether it's a PS4 Pro or the latest pair of Nikes or Adidas, we'll track the prices and let you know as soon as there's a lower price.

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We'll notify you as soon as there's a price drop on any of the items on your Piggy List. It's the price watch tool that's trusted by millions of shoppers.

If it's on your list, you'll never miss a sale.

Share with whoever you want

Share your list with whoever you want. Use the lists for any event in your life. You will love them.

Import your Amazon Wish List

Import an entire Amazon Wishlist so you don't have to re-add everything from scratch.

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Piggy is a free mobile application that saves you money on Internet. We always look for the best prices on the internet. It's also your product price tracker and price history tool all-in-one.

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Piggy looks for the best offers to always offer you the lowest price.

Price History

One click and Piggy shows you an item's overall price history based on prices seen by our users. Depending on trends, you can buy now or wait.

Never Miss a Price Drop

Piggy even makes waiting easy with Piggy List. Add items and we'll notify you as soon as there's a price drop. If you like, we'll even move your Amazon Save for Later items over for you

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Matt W.

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